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Donors, Benefactors, Friends

  Partners from Philippines
  • Noel Mondejar Foundation,

  • American Women's Club of the Philippines,  www.awcphilippines.org

  • Espa-Fil, www.espa-fil.com

  • Residencia Amigó,

  • Altisource Business Solutions, Inc.  www.altisource.com www.facebook.com/pages/Altisource-Business-Solution/1429694553919174

     Partners from Europe.

  • Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional, Spain  www.aecid.es   

  • Corneliusschule Wuppertal, Germany www.cornie.de

  • Fr. Ralf Winterberg, t.c. and Friends, Germany

  • Fundación Amigó, Spain www.fundacionamigo.org

  • Kindermissionswerk, Germany http://sternsinger.org

  • Kolping-Bezirksverband-Mettmann, Germany

  • Fundación Fuerte, Spain www.fundacionfuerte.org

    Partners from North America.


One hundred years from now

it will not matter

what kind of car I drove,

what kind of house I lived in,

how much I had in my bank,

nor what my clothes looked like.

One hundred years from now

it will not matter

what kind of school I attended,

what kind of computer I used,

how large or small was my church,

but the world may be ...

a little better because...

I was important in the life of a child.