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Today, as yesterday, more than ever, the world needs apostles who bring to their brothers the message of life and hope, of peace and goodness, of love and redemption. In the past, the Apostles were sent by the Lord and the communities founded by them. Francis of Assisi and his followers who went around the world, and still, the world are carrying their message of Peace and Good.


Today, we are among many other branches that have sprouted from Francisco's trunk. Our official name: "CONGREGATION OF CAPUCHIN TERTIARY RELIGIOUS OF OUR LADY OF SORROWS" also called "AMIGONIANS" is after the family name of our Founder.


The Capuchin Tertiary Religious or Amigonians, is a Religious Congregation within the Catholic Church, and within it, the Franciscan Family. We radically follow Jesus from the Charism that the Spirit gave us through our Founder, Fr. Luis Amigó. We are dedicated to expressing the mercy of Christ the Good Shepherd to young people with behavioral problems.

  • We are a group of persons who want to base our life on Jesus Christ, for this we accept that he CONSECRATES US to Him and His Gospel.

  • We live in the FRATERNITY OF BROTHERS that we consider a gift from the Lord.

  • We are sent by God and by the Church to be signs of his love in the world of the marginalize youth and we dedicate ourselves to the EDUCATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE WITH BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS.

  • We feel that we are Catholic Church and we have been recognized by It as an authentic way of following Christ.

  • We are part of the Franciscan Family and we participate in the spiritual richness that the Spirit has offered us through St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.

  • Father Luis Amigó has been the instrument that the Spirit used to communicate that great Gift to us: the Franciscan-Amigonian Charism.

  • We were founded in Valencia - Spain on April 12, 1889.

  • We are around 400 religious and we are present in more than 20 countries.






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TEL/FAX: (+63-2) 8522.13.19

E-MAIL: fhfrlamigo@yahoo.com