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28 April 2010


          Dear Friendship Home.


          Thank you for opening your hearts to me over the past two years! I will miss you all terribly, but I will take so many happy memories back with me to the U.S. Coming to Friendship Home every Wednesday has been the highlight of my time in Manila - I can't imagine the last two years without you guys! Please, please keep in touch with me, and I will also keep in touch with you. I wish all the Friendship Home children nothing but success, health, and happiness - you are wonderful!


Kathryn (Katie) Wiseman


23 July 2010


          Dear Friendship Home.


          Thank you all so very much! Most of my Manila memories happened right here with all of you! I will miss all of you so much, but God willing, I will be back next summer to join you once again. Please keep in contact and I promise to get back with you. Thank you again for all that you have given me!


          With love, Peace and Friendship


Crystal D. Bradford





22 December 2010


          Merry Christmas


          Brother Luis you are doing great work in behalf of the Children 


          You have my admiration. 


 Harry K. Thomas, Jr.

U.S. Ambassador



22 December 2010


          It has been my ultimate pleasure to share my heart with the Friendship Home. I thoroughly enjoyed the moments of teaching the friendships made with the children and Staff. This I will always hold dear to me. Our goals were to bridge cultures out we bridge more than that ~ our hearts ~. In loving tenderness to all of you.


Ednita  P. Sapinoso



18 May 2011


Dear Friendship Home,


          It has been an honor to be a part of friendship home for the past two years. I have many great memories about my time here with the kids of friendship home. I wish you all the best of luck!


James Bratton


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