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1 August 2007

            Dear Brother Luis

             Thank you for the hope and gifts you give these children. May they grow in wisdom with the knowledge that they can make a peaceful and joyful family. May they also remember you in their prayers and songs.

Diana V. Negroponte


4 February 2000


The children behaved and sang beautifully.

Keep it up!


Lourdes Martin








28 May 2009


          Dear "family" at Friendship Home.


          The most beautiful place in Manila for me is right there on Espiritu Street with you. You have share with me your enchanting smiles, your lyrical voices, your delightful laughter, along with many a confused look. Bro. Luis told me that you'd steal my heart. You didn't! I happily gave it away piece by piece, week by week but somehow you made it grow back bigger and stronger than it ever was. I will always think of you and wish that you find something you love to do and that you are brave enough to do it. Bro. Luis has, I know.


          I will miss each and everyone of you!


          THANK YOU!


Deborah H. Zimmerman


P.S. My American accent isn't so strong when I write and I speak much slower on paper. 


5 June 2007

           Thank you very much for allowing us to take a short glimpses into your lives. Even though we did not get to spend much time with you (one half day in Sept '06 and one day at Matabungkay Beach 5 days ago) you all left a big impression on us. We have never met such friendly, happy and sweet children before, who have met us with so much natural openness. From the very first moment we have taken them into our hearts. It is good to know that these children are so well looked after and that these are people who take such good care of them with so much love and dedication.

             We will never forget you and wish you the very, very best for the future. We hope very much that we will see all of you again.

             Let's keep in touch


Alexa Widesa & Peter Berger


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