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1 November 2006


To all of my wonderful friends,            

Thank you for being our friends and for sharing your home with me.


You all can be or do everything you want with your talents and your  love .


Kristie A. Kenney

U.S. Ambassador




15 January 2007

                It is a pleasure and an inspiration for me to spend time at Friendship House with Bro Luis, his dedicated staff, such as Benjie, and the children. May God bless you, every one.


David Adams

Vice-President, Cross International, USA





1 June 2007


                In the midst of chaos and poverty Friendship Home is a place that is good, that is managed by people who are decent and who have big hearts. Friendship Home is a place that exists purely for the most precious thing we have on our earth - our children and  young people.                  

               Thank you to every single one of you for taking me in to your big family. You all helped me survive this crazy place called  Manila.   


               I will never forget you!  


              Love, Christiane


Christiane Armstrong






18 June 2007


                  I feel so grateful to have gotten to know the children and adults at Friendship Home. I have learned from you than in any textbook or school lesson, and I will never forget you.  


                  Thank you so much and God bless you all.


Paula Armstrong


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