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Good Day! Iím Ronnie Dellosa Valenzuela Graduate of Bachelor of Technology major in Electrical Engineering Technology in the Technological University of the Philippines and also a graduate of Friendship Home Father Luis Amigo. Thereís always a story behind every success and let me tell you mine.

I'm Ronnie D. Valenzuela a son of Ronaldo and Yolanda Valenzuela my parents do have work that can help me in my studies as an Elementary Student. My Mother is a Housemaid and My Father is a Pedicab Driver. Those simple job can provide a proper day to day meal and monthly payment for Household consumptions. At first all of this,e help us to make a peaceful life but as I grew older, advances in my studies and my little sister came, this life situation become heavier and heavier for my parents thatís why when I enter grade 6 my mother encourage me to join Friendship Home. At first, I donít know,w what is Friendship Home all about and as a young boy I enjoy much of my time playing around and I didnít expect to be accepted in Friendship Home.

As years passed by at Friendship Home my personality grew stronger and better I became a more focus in studies so that my parents will be I remember as an elementary student I always didnít listen to the college and to the staff when they are telling me to follow them or to listen to them I was very naughty student but now I realize and I saw myself on other elementary students today I saw every single thing that I have done before and I realize that this part is one of the most memorable parts of life a realization of you being a headache and you having headache. It was the what I learn in Friendship Home to learn who you really are and this makes you become stronger.

Friendship Home truly became my bridge to success without Friendship Home I am nothing without Friendship Home my Dreams will just be a dream and without Friendship Home, I will not know the true value of Education. Thank you Very much Friendship Home Thank you very for being a part of me a part of my success and for being my Family. To all the person behind friendship Home, I am truly grateful having you each and every one of you in my life.

The long journey is not yet over its only an end to start a new beginning a new stage that youíll need to be more you and to make you stronger and better.

    Once again Iím Ronnie D. Valenzuela a proud student and graduate of Friendship Home Father Luis Amigo.

- Ronnie Valenzuela (FH, 2009-2018)


As I look back on my life, there are so many things that happened in my past life and I realized God answered my prayers and given me so many blessings.

I am Honeylyn Alcazaren, I live at Singalong St. Malate Manila. I am the eldest child among my 3 siblings. My mother "Jocelyn" is a housewife and my father "Manuel" died 9 years ago. I was just a simple teenager who had dreams and to have a better future for myself and my family. But because of poverty, it became a hindrance to achieving it. I had to do some works to get some extra earnings and to stop entering college. During high school, I started working as a vendor in Divisoria every summer vacation, laundry services, and baby nanny. So that I could help my mother with our daily needs. After graduating from high school, I ask my mother if she can  support me entering college and due to lack of financial I don't have a choice, I have to stop studying because of my 2 siblings is also studying I have to give way for them so I look for a part-time job to help my mother in our daily needs. I continue as a vendor in Divisoria every vacation, aside from being a vendor I became also an online seller, I'm selling clothes, shoes, bags, and appliances online. So that I could earn more. But this is not enough. One day I told myself I should finish my study so I could get a decent job. Completing college is one of my biggest goals but poverty is a hindrance to me, I asked myself who will be there for me to achieve my goals, who will guide me, I cried, and always prayed who will help me and give me a chance to chase my dreams. I have to strive hard and be strong because this is what I wanted to and I won't let anything can stop me. And God is so powerful!! He answered my prayers he leads me to Friendship Home.

As a college student lot of difficulties arose and that difficulties trying my truest faith and abilities. While studying and going to FH, I still organize my online business so that even I'm studying I'm still earning added to my allowance. Friendship Home made me realize how lucky I am being part of their growing family!

They helped me to grow as a person, developing my skills and knowledge. I do things I never did before, I learned a lot. All the learning experiences and memories with you will always remain in my heart. Entering Friendship Home is a step going to my dreams in life. Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigo is the biggest gift from God to me! And FHFLA changes my life. Thank you for your endless support and love for each one of us. And mostly FHFLA is the reason why I am here on this part of my life. After all the sleepless nights and difficulties, here I am celebrating my accomplishment. To all the sponsors and donors I and my family want to say thank you from the bottom of our heart for all the things you have done! You brought me to the happiest part of my life. I hope that more children and youth will fulfill their goals in life with the guidance of yours.

- Honeylyn Alcazaren (FH, 2016-2020)




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