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"After four years of pushing myself to always start strong, I've finished stronger."

The long wait is over! I am finally at the edge of this journey. This would not be possible without the people who helped, supported, and love me. It takes patience, perseverance and a lot of faith to reach this far but it is definitely worth the wait. Words are not enough to express what I'm feeling right now.

To my Nanay & Tatay, this is for both of you! All the sacrifices, challenges, hardships, have finally paid off. I know how tough it is to raise 3 college students at the same time. Hanga ko sa pagpapalaki niyo sakin and I am so proud of it!!! Hindi man kami sabay sa luho, but you gave us everything we need. I love you so both! To my siblings, thank you for being there. To my Aunties, Marites, Maricel, Maricris, thank you also for helping us in times that we are in need. To Casuga clan, thanks for having you as my family. This is for all of you!!!

To Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigo, my family and I wants to express our deepest gratitude for everything you have done! It is a big help to be part of this family. Thank you for nurturing me as one of the responsible "Ate" since I was in grade school. To all the sponsors and donors, thank you for your big heart! This is where your supports led to. I hope you continue to support and touch more lives. For Bro. Luis, you did not failed! Thank you for being such a father to us.

Thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge you taught me. I will treasure it forever. For Bro. Benjie and all the staff members, thank you so much! It is true that "A child redeemed is a generation saved."

To all my teachers, professors and instructors, thank you for being my hero! I would not be here without your dedication to teach.

To the companies where I took my internship, Time Travel and Tours, Inc. & Civil Aeronautics Board-AORD, thank you for accepting me and believing in my skills! Hire me please. To my friends, thank you for the ones who never left. You know who you are. I cannot survive this journey without all of you.

To Jhenel, for all the times I want to give up, you are always there to cheer me up and tap my back and say, "Kaya mo yan, ikaw pa!". Thank you for being my armor and inspiration to complete this journey! I want to prove that this relationship was never a hindrance for us to finish our studies. To your family, tita & tito, thank you for accepting me and treating me as one of your daughter! Kampai!

I also offer this to my deceased grandparents, Mama Rosie and Papa Danny. Ma, pa, ako yung una niyong apong gagraduate! Kayo ang una kong pag-aalayan ng diploma ko. I miss you so much and we love you!

Lastly, this is for you my Lord. All the glory and success. I can never reach this without your glory! Thank you for not letting me down. I will praise and sing to you forever!

Thank you for reading this long post. I just can't contain how surreal and precious this moment is. There are times when I want to quit during my school days, but the moment when you want to quit is the moment when you have to keep on pushing!  This is not the end, this is just the beginning of the real life. I am Lyda, and I am ready for take off!


- Lyda Casuga (FH, 2006-2015,2016-2017)



Why do I have to go to school? Why do I have to wake up so early just to attend the class? Why do I have to sleep at late night just to finish my homework? Why do I have to listen to those boring lessons? Why do I have to spend my free time to comply with the school requirements? I know famous people that didnít finish their study but became successful. Steve Jobs doesnít have diploma when he established Apple. Mark Zuckerberg was not a college graduate but develop the Facebook. Joseph Estrada doesnít finish his study but became the president of the Philippines. Even Bill Clinton doesnít have college degree but one of the most successful people. So why do I have to study?

Maybe some of you ask yourself those questions when you feel you canít cope up with the struggles brought by studying. To tell you the truth, I also ask those things not just to myself but also to my parents. And every time I ask them , I always hear the same response. The only thing that they can give me is education. And I know all of the parents will agree what my parents always say. It is a treasure that canít be stolen from you.

Many of you might think that going to school is boring and tiring. Why do I have to go to school if I can lie down and go to sleep? Well, I canít blame you. That thought also came to my mind many times when I was still a student. Come on! We all know that sleeping is everyoneís favorite. But as a student, we have things to do. We cannot change the truth that we have to go to school. But with the help of my dear classmates that became my brothers and sisters, I enjoyed my stay in school. Of course there were also sad moments, we canít avoid that. Thanks to them, my school just didnít hone my skills but also became a home where I found a new family.

People always say that education is the key to success, but there is someone who changed my idea about it. Education doesnít guarantee your success, it just open many opportunities that might help you in triumph. With that, I realized what he said was true. After you graduate, it doesnít mean you have already unlocked the door success. That you just have to sit around and wait for the luck to hit you. It doesnít work like that. Because in corporate world, life gets harder. Life became a battle ground. You have to strive for it. And education will serve as your sword and shield that will help you to win that battle.

I hope those message might help you think wisely because those are the words from a former student who asked himself why do he have to go to school. A former student who woke up early just to attend the class in order not to missed the lessons. A former student  who are willing to sleep late just to finished his homework that might help him recap what he learned from that day. A former student who listened to those boring lessons that became his edge among the other students. A former student who spent his free time just to comply with the school requirements because he wants to finish his study.

I would like to take this opportunity to give my deepest gratitude to those who are always there when there are times that I lose hope. You always remind me that you have my back so thereís no need for me to be afraid. To my family, friend, Friendship Home family and classmates, thanks for coming with me in my journey as a student.

- Alfredo Engao (FH, 2006-2017)



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