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I used to live in my small, tight, cocoon.  It was a safe world for a shy girl like me.  Lacking in self-confidence, I kept mostly to myself.  The only world I knew was home-school, school-home.  I did not look for friendship but lo and behold! It was just waiting for me.  Being part of the Friendship Home Family changed my life.  I did not even notice that I was changing:  I began to have a circle of friends, developed new abilities, discovered talents I did not know I had,  learned what spirituality meant in my daily life.  Friendship Home is my second Home.  It’s like a brand or trademark that will always define who I am.  My name is Jasmin Obera, graduate of Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, B.S. Office Management.  I am presently working in an office.  I thank God for adding a beautiful chapter in my life’s story:  FRIENDSHIP HOME. 

- Jasmin Obera (FH, 2001-2005)


One Big Question:  WHO AM I? 

Who am I? – before I joined Friendship Home? When I was at Friendship Home?  After I have graduated and Left Friendship Home? 
Who am I? before, during and after Friendship Home? 

I am now a Graphic Artist.  I have a regular job.  I am able to apply  what I have learned in my formal schooling and more importantly, the experiences and lessons taught to me by Friendship Home in everything I do today.  I am able to support my parents.  I miss our good old days at Friendship Home. The wholehearted support it has given to me, my siblings and the entire family will always be etched in my heart.  Whenever there are gatherings in Friendship Home where I am invited I make it a point to come despite my busy work in schedule. This is the least I can do until such time that I can give more in return for all that we have received. 

- Rachel Viron (FH, 2000-2006)



I was a nine-year old Grade III student when I joined Friendship Home in 1995.   Typical of those new to Friendship Home, I was shy, insecure, scared, lacking in self-confidence.  It did not help that at home I was also a kind of a loner.  My only playmates were an older sister and a few cousins.  I never went out to play with the neighborhood kids.  Instead, I read books, did my school assignments, or watched TV.  I never went to see places other than the home-school-home routine.  I never ate vegetables like Ampalaya.  I never made decisions on my own.  My parents made them for me. 

My life made a 380 degree turn after I had been in Friendship Home for twelve years, helping me to finish my elementary, high school and college courses.  I have become more sociable, no longer picky with the food I eat.  I had been to places I never imagined I would someday reach --- Tagaytay City, Batangas, Baguio, to name a few.  Each trip was not only to provide us with recreational activities, a break from home and school – it was also to provide us with educational experiences.  Through the years of being part of Friendship Home I had performed in many of the events honoring our Founder,  Fr. Luis Amigo, and our parents, too.  I was happy that we could bring life and laughter to everyone, young and old alike. 

Friendship Home has helped me grow not only in years but also in my emotional and spiritual life.  Now I am thankful that I am able to make my own decisions.  Now, step by step, I am moving closer to my dreams, thanks to Friendship Home. 

- Darrel Morales (FH, 1995–2007)





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