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“Whenever I hear the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” I am reminded of Friendship Home.  It is not just an institution, it’s a home that gives hope, happiness, respect, faith, security and love.  It is my second home.  It has not only given me financial assistance for my studies, it has also given me moral support, making me stronger to face life’s realities.,  Friendship Home has also helped in developing my personality from being a shy person with lack of confidence to someone able to fly with the wind beneath her wings.   After my graduation from college with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies I had no difficulty finding a job. After three years at the Jardine Direct Company, Inc. where I work as a Computer Operator, I had been selected as “Employee of the Year 2009”.  I attribute my success to Friendship Home for guiding me throughout my stay not only in my career choice, but my life choice, for the love it has given me, a love that continues to shine through and make me the glowing and joyful person I am today. 

- Maria Kristine F. Luneza (Friendship Home, 2003 – 2005)


There are people born under difficult circumstances; others, who are able to overcome these, against all odds.  My name is Marilou Rosanto Sandoval.  Before I joined Friendship Home I experienced what it meant “to live below the poverty threshold”.  I remember the many christmasses and new years when we didn’t have any light at home (no money for electricity) and no food (my mother was the sole breadwinner and what she earned was not enough to feed her four daughters). I remember being bullied and insulted in school by classmates who knew the walls of our shanty   were made of worn-out sacks; our door, pieces of old GI sheet; and our windows, sewn-together used clothings.  I experienced weeks and months of walking to school on empty stomach.  I had neither traveling nor food allowance. 

All of these hardships became my raw materials, the wellspring of an inner resolve to rise up and give a better life to my family.  In my second year of college I was blessed to find Friendship Home and get much needed support to finish my studies.  Even then I continued to work as a Student Assistant in school and to find part time work during vacation time to augment my mother’s income.    

Like the other children, I had duties and responsibilities at Friendship Home.  At times I was remiss in fulfilling them, and I got reprimanded.  More lessons I had to learn on the road to a better life.  Ultimately, Friendship Home has helped me become the Teacher I am today.  After passing the government’s licensure exams, I have become a full-pledged early childhood educator.  I am very grateful to Friendship Home for shaping me into who I am today. I hope that someday, I could also be an instrument of giving, opening the door for others towards a better future. 

- Marilou Sandoval (FH, 2005-2007)

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