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Message - P. José Oltra  Message - P. Ignacio Calle


Fr. José Oltra Vidal, tc

(General Superior, 1986)


            First, I would like to give thanks to God, Source of all goodness, for the first twenty-five years of Amigonian presence in the Philippines.  I would also like to acknowledge all our brothers, religious and lay, who have made possible the joyful reality of our Silver Anniversary in the country.


            I remember with happiness and deep feelings when, after careful preparation in Asis and a long journey from Rome, together with Fr. Donato Gatto and Brother Luis Ortiz, we finally arrived in Manila on the 5th  day of March 1986.  Trusting in Divine Providence, we came with high hopes and deeply-rooted resolve to sow the seeds of the Amigonian charism and witness its growth in later years.  Cardinal Jaime Sin, himself, welcomed and praised our decision to come to the Philippines, forecasting that the Amigonian Mission will solidly progress in the Philippines, and from there expand to the nearby regions, until it reaches China.


            Sometime later other brothers arrived. The Lord also blessed us with native vocations, lay and religious, to guarantee the continuity of the Amigonian Mission in Asia.  To all those who  in the past have been part of this journey; to those who are presently with us; and to those who will be with us in the future, my congratulations and assurance of my affectionate support in  prayer.


            As I generally recall from memory, without meaning to leave out anyone, I remember with gratitude Fr. Donato Gatto, Brother Luis Ortiz, Fr. Javier Cabezas and Fr. Gioacchino Tesoro; Bro. Virginio Pompilio, Fr. Emilio Eslava, Fr. Ralf Winterberg, Fr. Francisco Solano . . . Afterwards, many other religious from the Philippines followed, like Bro. Rafael Hontanar, Fr, Joel Mosura, Fr. Edgardo Solano, Fr. Ronel Dizon, Fr. Danny Clamor, Fr. Idelfonso Diente and many other brothers and priests.  I also wish to extend my affectionate greetings and prayers to our Terciary Capuchin Sisters, Capuchin Brothers, Seminarians, Amigonian Cooperators, Educators, Benefactors, Volunteers, Parishioners and especially to our Children and Youth in various Amigonian Missions in the Philippines. In a very special way, I extend this to all those who are actually involved in the important social work of Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigó.


I will always keep in grateful remembrance the warm welcome given to us by the Filipino people over the past twenty-five years.  Their joyfulness and generosity, their great dignity and their special capacity to keep the faith in the face of sufferings.  And most of all, I am grateful for the brotherly friendship of all the simple people with whom we relate and are committed to serve.


Through the intercession of the Venerable Luis Amigó, may Almighty God, in His Providence continue to bless this young Filipino Amigonian Mission in its 25th Anniversary, until it spreads for the welfare of all many more years hereafter.  May Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd and Our Sorrowful Mother protect and guard you.


With fraternal affection and friendship.


Bro. José Otra Vidal, tc

Amigonian Religious


Madrid, February, 2011