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Message - P. José Oltra  Message - P. Ignacio Calle


Fr. Ignacio Calle, tc

(General Superior, 2011)


“You, to whom He has entrusted these young sheep in your flock, you are the ones who have to strive to bring back the lost sheep unto the fold of the Good Shepherd.” O.C. 1831


These words from our Founding Father, Luis Amigó y Ferrer have been the source of inspiration and lay down the foundation for the committed presence of religious, educators, volunteers and benefactors of Friendship Home Fr. Luis Amigo, Philippines during these twenty-five years.


We give thanks, first and foremost to God, Creator of all goodness, who in His admirable design, led the Amigonian religious to give an appropriate response to the needs they have encountered in Manila;


A sincere acknowledgment to the benefactors and volunteers for the flourishing of their efforts   during these twenty-five years of uninterrupted apostolic work;


To the religious, the educators whose true vocation have been devoted to the pedagogy of the heart and ardent love;  to the Filipino people, who in their simplicity and openness have enabled and collaborated with us in giving life to  many children in difficult circumstances.


International cooperation; the generosity of one person who has shared her home with those who are more in need; the tenacity of a religious who, from the start has been marking the path, and today gratefully offers to the Lord the ripe fruits of boys and girls, adolescents and youth who have grown with the spirit of freedom, responsibility and commitment.


            May the Good Lord who sustains them in this great, admirable mission allow this celebration to serve at the same as an invitation to them to continue the work that has been started, an invitation to serve as  a true blessing in the heart of our Filipino brethren.